The Classic Canyon Ranch is located about 7 miles upstream of George W. Bush’s ranch on the beautiful Middle Bosque Creek in the center of Texas. The ranch is just west of the little town of Mosheim in Coryell County at the very top of the Texas Hill Country between Clifton and Gatesville. The ranch has limestone cliffs and caves along with lush creek bottom areas with century old pecan and oak trees. There are food plots for the trophy whitetails. Dense cedar areas on the side of the valleys provide cover and security to the deer and make hunting challenging. This is truly a paradise for both the deer that live here and the hunters that come to pursue them. We thank God for the opportunity to be stewards of this beautiful land for a while.

The Classic Canyon Ranch was high fenced in 2004 and the native whitetails were replaced with high quality bucks and bred does from some of the best breeders in Texas. In 2005 Classic Canyon Ranch became a Texas deer breeder (TX#2255) and started building a herd of foundation does with the goal of consistently producing large bodied “Trophy Whitetails with the Classic Look” ™. The “Classic Look” consists of large wide typical frames with long tines.

Our foundation does are bred to some of the best typical framed bucks in the country through laparoscopic artificial insemination. See the sections on does and Foundation Genetics to see how we are building our herd and the section on AI bucks, to see the bucks we recently used in our artificial insemination program. The fall of 2017, we used Classic Wizard, Monarch Supreme, Witch Dr., Voodoo Magic, Federal Express, Triple EX, Vegas, RW HighArchy, Woodard 727 Jr, and Gladiator II and others to enhance our genetics as our AI sires.

Classic Canyon Ranch has now reached the stage where it has nothing but foundation quality does and it is ready to sell select fawns, bred does and bucks to those in Texas looking to really upgrade the quality of the deer on their ranch or in their breeding facility.

We also have limited  semen available from some of our breeder bucks including Monarch Classic, a 376″ double drop giant that won the prestigious Golden Buck Of the Year Award in 2014 and Monarch Supreme who won the Golden Buck of the Year award in 2016. He is a 300″  wide tall typical beautiful giant. We also have limited semen from Classic Wizard an amazing  266″ yearling that won the 2017 Rockstar Buck Contest.  In addition we have semen from several other Classic bucks available that we use as cover bucks with the “Classic Look”. Please email ( or call us to discuss. Let us help you formulate a concrete plan to improve the deer on your ranch.

We are proud lifetime members and supporters of the Texas Deer Association, Deer Breeders Corporation and NADeFA.   Our most important membership however is in the worldwide group of blessed people who place their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Ask us how that has changed our lives!

We breed some of the highest quality whitetail genetics in Texas.


Study our foundation genetics and see why the Classic Canyon does are some of the best in Texas.

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Our Goal is to Consistently Produce Large Bodied "Trophy Whitetails with the Classic Look".

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