Classic Canyon Ranch

- Does -


Classic Mandi M

Blk-35 DNA#138306

Monarch I/Prince’s Dam (20-28/Dr. T/Big Bob’s Dam)

  • AI’d to Monarch Supreme


Classic Miss Big Bobbie

Blk-91 DNA#140592

Monarch I/Big Bob’s Dam

  • AI’d to Monarch Supreme

Miss Big Bobbie is full of typical production!  She is a Monarch I daughter on Rockin R Prince’s Dam making her a full sister.  Prince’s dam is 20-28 over Dr. T on big bob’s Dam- W16LN.  She is AI’d to Masterpiece.  These doe fawns will be gems!

Classic Princess 20/28

Y-110 DNA#76743  

Bambi 20-28/Monarch I/2 wide’s womb sister

  • Ai’d to Witch Dr.

Princess 20-28 is bred for big typicals! She is a Bambi 20-28 daughter on a Monarch I/ 2Wide’s womb sister doe. AI’d to Masterpiece to add tine length and early production and “boom!”…huge, clean frames!

Classic Queen 20/28

Pk-0075 DNA#70990  

Yardstick/20-28’s full sister

  • AI’d to Voodoo Magic

This is a proven High Roller line AI bred to Billy Sage’s Masterpiece.  Masterpiece/Yardstick/20-28’s full-sister fawns.  Enough said!

Classic Miss Monarch Classic

Y-71 DNA#76762     

Monarch I/Monarch Classic’s Dam (Maxbo/727) Classic’s full sister

  • AI’d to Horsepower

Miss Monarch Classic is our 376” 2014 DBC golden Buck winner Monarch Classic’s full sister.  Monarch I on Maxbo over Bambi 727.  She is AI’d to Supreme.  Line bred RW Trophy Ranch Breeding.

Classic Bambilicious

P-2008 DNA#116887

Yardstick/Monarch Classic’s Dam

  • AI’d to Classic Wizard

Classic Bambilicious is a Yardstick daughter out of Monarch Classic’s Dam. She has a framey 170” typical yearling on the ground now! We AI’d her to Big Stitch to ensure a huge-framed cross!

Classic Robin Leigh

R-2133 DNA#130775    

7C’s Big Boy/Superman/Stickers

  • AI’d to Woodard 727 Jr

This doe is lined up pretty! 7C’s Big Boy Daughters are RARE and throwing huge. Her maternal side is Superman on Stickers.  We AI’d her to Big Stitch to double up the Big Boy and Stickers, wow!

Classic Swish

P-452 DNA#167372    

Gladiator II/(2 Wide/TR Swagger’s womb sister)

  • AI’d to Classic Wizard

P452 is a one-of-a-kind doe.  She is a Gladiator II over 2Wides/Swagger’s womb sister. Gladiator II and 2 Wide does are HOT, HOT! Add Swagger’s womb sister in the anchor, and the only thing left to do was AI her to Big Stitch. Wow!

Classic Cinderella

DNA# 192632       

Overnight Express / Monarch Classic’s full sister

  • AI’d to RW HighArchy in 2017

An Overnight Express daughter out of Classic Miss Monarch Classic, a full sister of Monarch Classic. She was AI’d to the beautiful RW HighArchy the fall of 2017.

W-7 – FedEx’s dam

DNA# 30187

Dr. D / Tulip

  • Not bred the fall of 2017

The dam of Federal Express a Dr D daughter out of Tulip. Own 50% with GKR ranch. Not bred the fall of 2017.

Classic Heather

DNA# 117737

Overnight Express / Heather

  • Live bred to Triple Crown in the fall of 2017

An Overnight Express daughter out of the famous Heather at Derby Sands, the dam of double dam. She is anchored by G 250 ( 6 Drop/86 C (the dam of Gladiator)). She was live bred to Triple Crown the fall of 2017.

M3 Chowa

DNA# 60557

Perfect Dream’s Dam

  • AI’d to female sexed Voodoo Magic semen the fall of 2017

A Trugott’s Razor daughter out M3 Myrtle. This girl is the dam of the amazing Perfect Dream! Wow! Wow! Wow! She was Ai’d to female sexed Voodoo Magis semen the fall of 2017.

Classic Limitless HR10

DNA# 166541    

No Limit / 85E / HR10

  • AI’d to Big Sir

This J5 No Limit daughter out of Miss 85E ( 85E/ famous super doe J5 Hr 10) is stacked with big typicals we love. The fall of 2017 she was AI’d to Big Sir.

Classic Gloria

DNA# 218032

Voodoo’s Magic / Satisfaction / Sudden Impact / Lilly – Reno’s dam

  • AI’d to Horsepower in the fall of 2017

Classic Trish is a Dr. T doe out of W16-LN who is Big Bob’s Dam.  This is RW Trophy ranch foundation genetics at its finest with the production of W16-LN direct daughters!  We AI’d her to the famous Texas Tea to throw the best of the North with proven Texas foundation.  One-of-a-kind!

Trophy Whitetails with the Classic Look™